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"There are [other] small roasters such as Moschetti [Coffee], just across the bay who have been painstakingly roasting small batches of interesting single origin and blends for many years without the attention they deserve. I go by Moschetti once a week and get coffee that was roasted that morning or was roasted while I talk shop with Fabrice Moschetti. If I am lucky, we will then pull some shots of this fresh espresso and experience true freshness. True that sometimes a particular roast may be at its peak three days later. Mountains of crema and enormous flavor and bouquet are rewards for those willing to make the trek [across the bridge] to the Moschetti shop in Vallejo."

Guldam, T Magazine Blog - - January 25, 2010

A passion for quality, technique and flavor is clearly the catalyst behind Moschetti's awesome brew rather than the desire to cash in on a hipster neighborhood or snobby rich folks' compulsion to drop loads of cash on stuff they don't understand, which is more than I can say for other roasters in the area. Moschetti makes coffee with a savvy and genuine passion for the process, and it shows.

Erika L., Emeryville CA,

Moschetti roasts some pretty fantastic coffee. I happen to have a serious Espresso addiction and am very, very picky about my beans in terms of flavor and freshness. Fabrice always has super fresh Mistral and other Espresso blends on hand to fuel my habit. And I've described flavor profiles I'd like to see in a roast, and on my next visit he's roasted up a custom blend just for me to try with those very characteristics I've expressed an interest in. I am always blown away by the coffee and the graciousness that Fabrice and his employees show.

Stephen D., Vallejo,

Coming from Tripoli to the Bay area by way of France, I was craving coffee... good coffee. So I engaged in a tasting campaign, visiting several coffee shops per day.. And I found the coffee roaster that I like the best: Moschetti coffee in Vallejo. They are an Artisan roaster and their Fair Trade Organic Sumatra and their Organic single estate Guatemala are very good. Their espresso is simply the best I had in the USA.

Markus M., Walnut Creek CA,

Coffee lovers come to Moschetti Espresso for the freshest and best tasting coffee!
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